Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dangerous Power Fusion FX

The Dangerous Power Fusion FX is also another speedball gun. If you have not read my past posts I will sum up what speedball is again. Speedball is a game type of paintball in which you are in a more enclosed area, and will usually be surrounded by plastic bunkers and snakes. This type of game requires a fast, and light gun. The Dangerous Power Fusion FX is an example of one of these guns. Although Dangerous Power may not be the best speedball gun brand (at least not in my opinion) it is still a very good company and comes in the top 5. Some of the specifications for this gun include: length: 20.43 inches, height: 8.30 inches, 1.89 lbs (with a battery), and 140 psi/280 bps. This is an amazing gun because the gun is light but you have to take into consideration this is only the weight of the gun. The wight of the tank, hopper, and paintballs are not included. This gun also shoots fast, but you won't be doing any fast shooting with a bad hopper, so if you are going to get this gun make sure you get a good hopper (this applies to all guns). The gun comes out at around $500, not including shipping and handling and tax (if it applies). This gun comes at 1/3 the price of a Planet Eclipse, and it is still pretty good. And for those that are interested in the look, here is a video:

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planet Eclipse 2011 EGO

As I promised, here it is. It is late, I know, but I have been busy lately. Enough about me, lets get to the gun:

The Planet Eclipse 2011 EGO is an amazing speedball marker. Why do I say this? Well to start off with, all the guns from Planet Eclipse look amazing. If you were to compare the woodsball guns I previously reviewed, and the Planet Eclipse speedball markers, then the Planet Eclipse would win.. 10 fold. The Planet Eclipse 2011 EGO is not currently out yet, but will be available very soon. Unlike other guns this is not a slow-firing gun. This gun was meant for speedball. You can expect about 20 balls a second with this gun. Along with great looks, the gun also has impressive power. It shoots fast, it's light, and it hardly chops (if you have the right loader). Sadly there are no videos of the EGO 2011 Shooting (as far as I am concerned) so I am going to put more of a review video on the gun. I will be posting more speedball guns, such as other guns from planet eclipse, boblong, etc. So keep your eye out!

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Other Note: I am going to be changing the style of my blog (background, etc) and was wondering if anyone had some tips for me? Thanks.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Update #3

Sorry guys been busy lately again. I will begin to post some speedball guns once I get the time!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Introduction to Speedball

Alright as I promised here it is. You guys wanted some speedball guns, so I am going to do them... just not yet. Before I review the guns I want to tell you a bit about speedball first. If I didn't teach those who don't know what it is then it would slightly confusing (at least I think it would be). It'd be like telling somebody about cars if they don't know what a car is. So here it is!

Speedball is a varient of paintball. Like woodsball it includes a gun, equipment, and paintballs. The biggest difference between the two is that speedball scenery isn't all woods, and you would use different guns in speedball than you would in woodsball. Think of speedball as a smaller area with plastic bunkers and snakes to hide behind instead of trees and bushes. When playing speedball there would usually be a flag on each side of the area and when the game starts the opposing team would try to take that flag. This type of game takes more strategy than woodsball. A team would have to consist of skilled people able to perform certain tasks. A team would want somebody in the back to not only protect the flag, but to have an overview of the map. A team would also want people to run up to take the flag, and not allow the opposing team to move. When playing speedball a faster gun would be required to shoot faster. Speedball is more intense and you don't have time to relax like you would in woodsball. It's either shoot, or be shot.

So that is the basics of speedball, and as you can see it is very different from woodsball. I should be posting some speedball guns very soon. I hope you enjoyed my post! Here's a video:

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Update #2!

Alright so far I am mostly seeing that people want more gun reviews. I will continue with those, but don't worry I will also be changing it up every-so-often adding in some random tips and what-not. By the way, I haven't been on recently because I have been sick, and what-not. I you guys understand :). I will make a new post tomorrow, promise!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Update!

Sadly I do not have the time today to do an in-depth post so I am probably going to be quickly rambling on in this post. So I want to ask you, my followers, what you want me to do more/less of. Would you like me continue my gun reviews? Would you like me to move onto speedball guns? Would you like me to have some paintball tips and tricks? Maybe some reviews on some paintball gear/equipment. You guys decide! I want to hear your opinions!

Monday, March 7, 2011

More Advanced Woodsball Gun, the Tiberius Arms T9.1 Elite

So far I have covered the basic Tippmann 98 Custom, the more advanced Tippmann A-5 and the even more advanced Tippmann X7 Phenom. Today I will be covering something even better than the X7, its name is the Tiberius Arms T9.1 Elite. This gun is more of scenario gun since it has features a paintball gun doesn't need, but are there for show, and for help. The Tiberius Arms T9.1 already comes with mostly everything you will ever need for your gun to look real. It includes: an illuminated scope (easier than aiming through an iron sight), a rail (the area you can place different scopes and other equipment), a multi-position stock (allows for more comfortable shooting, instead of having to hug your gun), a fore-grip (allows easier grip), an adjustable laser (allows for even further aiming assistance, a tactical flashlight (to see through darker areas), and last but not least a bipod (makes it easier to shoot while prone). All of these components can turn an ordinary gun, into a life-like rifle. The Tiberius Arms T9.1 is slighty more expensive than the X7 Phenom, costing around $500, but its looks are phenomenal, and the added equipment will definitely help in the field, so the extra $100+ is definitely worth it. This gun can be used with any paintball, but Tiberius Arms has their own brand of paintballs called First Strike Rounds (I will cover this in a later blog post) which will cause the feet-per-second to increase. The only down-side to this gun is that it isn't intended to be a fully-automatic weapon. You cannot not go running down the field like Rambo, and expect to get many hits. This gun was made for more tactical purposes. If you want a sniper-like weapon that can pick people off from a far distance then this is the gun for you.

Note: This is not my video. I do not claim this video as mine.