Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planet Eclipse 2011 EGO

As I promised, here it is. It is late, I know, but I have been busy lately. Enough about me, lets get to the gun:

The Planet Eclipse 2011 EGO is an amazing speedball marker. Why do I say this? Well to start off with, all the guns from Planet Eclipse look amazing. If you were to compare the woodsball guns I previously reviewed, and the Planet Eclipse speedball markers, then the Planet Eclipse would win.. 10 fold. The Planet Eclipse 2011 EGO is not currently out yet, but will be available very soon. Unlike other guns this is not a slow-firing gun. This gun was meant for speedball. You can expect about 20 balls a second with this gun. Along with great looks, the gun also has impressive power. It shoots fast, it's light, and it hardly chops (if you have the right loader). Sadly there are no videos of the EGO 2011 Shooting (as far as I am concerned) so I am going to put more of a review video on the gun. I will be posting more speedball guns, such as other guns from planet eclipse, boblong, etc. So keep your eye out!

NOTE: This is not my video. I do not claim this video as mine.
Other Note: I am going to be changing the style of my blog (background, etc) and was wondering if anyone had some tips for me? Thanks.