Monday, March 7, 2011

More Advanced Woodsball Gun, the Tiberius Arms T9.1 Elite

So far I have covered the basic Tippmann 98 Custom, the more advanced Tippmann A-5 and the even more advanced Tippmann X7 Phenom. Today I will be covering something even better than the X7, its name is the Tiberius Arms T9.1 Elite. This gun is more of scenario gun since it has features a paintball gun doesn't need, but are there for show, and for help. The Tiberius Arms T9.1 already comes with mostly everything you will ever need for your gun to look real. It includes: an illuminated scope (easier than aiming through an iron sight), a rail (the area you can place different scopes and other equipment), a multi-position stock (allows for more comfortable shooting, instead of having to hug your gun), a fore-grip (allows easier grip), an adjustable laser (allows for even further aiming assistance, a tactical flashlight (to see through darker areas), and last but not least a bipod (makes it easier to shoot while prone). All of these components can turn an ordinary gun, into a life-like rifle. The Tiberius Arms T9.1 is slighty more expensive than the X7 Phenom, costing around $500, but its looks are phenomenal, and the added equipment will definitely help in the field, so the extra $100+ is definitely worth it. This gun can be used with any paintball, but Tiberius Arms has their own brand of paintballs called First Strike Rounds (I will cover this in a later blog post) which will cause the feet-per-second to increase. The only down-side to this gun is that it isn't intended to be a fully-automatic weapon. You cannot not go running down the field like Rambo, and expect to get many hits. This gun was made for more tactical purposes. If you want a sniper-like weapon that can pick people off from a far distance then this is the gun for you.

Note: This is not my video. I do not claim this video as mine.


  1. It shoots farther than most guns :)!

  2. that's crazy, but not too practical.
    i mean it took 2-3 seconds for the shot just to get there.
    people don't usually stay perfectly still.

  3. dude, the tippman 98 was my first gun. I remember when it first came out. Such a sweet basic gun.

  4. Wow, imagine if that hit you..

  5. It would hurt. Enough said :).

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