Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dangerous Power Fusion FX

The Dangerous Power Fusion FX is also another speedball gun. If you have not read my past posts I will sum up what speedball is again. Speedball is a game type of paintball in which you are in a more enclosed area, and will usually be surrounded by plastic bunkers and snakes. This type of game requires a fast, and light gun. The Dangerous Power Fusion FX is an example of one of these guns. Although Dangerous Power may not be the best speedball gun brand (at least not in my opinion) it is still a very good company and comes in the top 5. Some of the specifications for this gun include: length: 20.43 inches, height: 8.30 inches, 1.89 lbs (with a battery), and 140 psi/280 bps. This is an amazing gun because the gun is light but you have to take into consideration this is only the weight of the gun. The wight of the tank, hopper, and paintballs are not included. This gun also shoots fast, but you won't be doing any fast shooting with a bad hopper, so if you are going to get this gun make sure you get a good hopper (this applies to all guns). The gun comes out at around $500, not including shipping and handling and tax (if it applies). This gun comes at 1/3 the price of a Planet Eclipse, and it is still pretty good. And for those that are interested in the look, here is a video:

Note: This is not video. I do not claim this video as mine.

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