Saturday, March 12, 2011

Introduction to Speedball

Alright as I promised here it is. You guys wanted some speedball guns, so I am going to do them... just not yet. Before I review the guns I want to tell you a bit about speedball first. If I didn't teach those who don't know what it is then it would slightly confusing (at least I think it would be). It'd be like telling somebody about cars if they don't know what a car is. So here it is!

Speedball is a varient of paintball. Like woodsball it includes a gun, equipment, and paintballs. The biggest difference between the two is that speedball scenery isn't all woods, and you would use different guns in speedball than you would in woodsball. Think of speedball as a smaller area with plastic bunkers and snakes to hide behind instead of trees and bushes. When playing speedball there would usually be a flag on each side of the area and when the game starts the opposing team would try to take that flag. This type of game takes more strategy than woodsball. A team would have to consist of skilled people able to perform certain tasks. A team would want somebody in the back to not only protect the flag, but to have an overview of the map. A team would also want people to run up to take the flag, and not allow the opposing team to move. When playing speedball a faster gun would be required to shoot faster. Speedball is more intense and you don't have time to relax like you would in woodsball. It's either shoot, or be shot.

So that is the basics of speedball, and as you can see it is very different from woodsball. I should be posting some speedball guns very soon. I hope you enjoyed my post! Here's a video:

Note: This video is not mine. I do not claim this video as mine.


  1. woah this looks intense. would love to try this out sometime

  2. It really does look pretty intense. I would love to try it